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Changing role and relevance of urban conservation charters - I

1. Changing role and relevance of urban conservation charters  PDF
  Silvio Mendes Zancheti and Paulius Kulikauskas

1. The plurality of truth in culture, context, and heritage: a (mostly) post-structuralist analysis of urban conservation charters  Abstract
  Jeremy Wells

2. Contemporary trends in conservation: culturalization, significance and sustainability  Abstract
  Honório Nicholls Pereira

3. Gentrification: is it possible to avoid it?  Abstract
  Julio Sampaio

4. International urban conservation charters: catalytic or passive tools of urban conservation practices among developing countries?  Abstract
  Allan Kenneth Birabi

5. Revisiting conservation charters in context of Lomanthang, Nepal: need to acknowledge local inhabitants and changing contexts  Abstract
  Neel Kamal Chapagain

6. Which urban plan for an urban heritage? An overview of recent portuguese practice on integrated conservation  Abstract
  Adelino Gonçalves

7. The applicability of the Declaration of Amsterdam in Brazil: case studies of Bairro do Recife, Pelourinho and Praia Grande  Abstract
  Natália Miranda Vieira

8. Heritage protection, urban conservation and planning: the case of São Cristovão, Rio de Janeiro  Abstract
  Andréa da Rosa Sampaio

9. The restoration of Burle Marx gardens in Recife and the vision of paradise of the Florence Charter  Abstract
  Ana Rita Sá Carneiro, Aline de Figueirôa Silva and Fátima Mafra

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