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 City & Time > Vol. 4, No. 2 (2009) open journal systems 

Cultural heritage and monument, a place in memory

Julieta Vasconcelos Leite, Université René Descartes - Sorbonne

This article deals with the elements of Cultural Heritage and Monument as parts of the system of symbols that characterize urban areas and assist in building and maintaining a social body. The collective memory is held to be a process in this system that establishes a relationship and identity between territories (physical spaces) and individuals. Place is put forward as the space that participates in the collective memory, the fruit of the simultaneous process of the social construction of space and the construction of social space. The objective is to observe how these factors and processes have been addressed in proposals for contemporary urban development, through socio-spatial practices such as mobility and the use of digital technologies. The intention is to show that the elements and relations that bind man to space also bind man to what is social, and such relations can be made more dynamic by using digital technologies. To do so, three recent projects are presented which invested in communication structures that give value to urban spaces by means of users interacting with them.

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