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 City & Time > Vol. 1, No. 3 (2005) open journal systems 

The historical centre as an object of desire

Fernando Carrion, FLACSO (Equador)

This paper seeks to set out some hypotheses and ideas with regard to the relationship between: the historical centre, as a public space, and large urban projects, in the sense that the historical centre is a public space par excellence and, therefore, is an element around which the city is articulated; that converts it ? over and above all else - into a large urban project (GPU in Sp.) This proposition takes place in the optimistic context of the city as a solution and when considering the historical centre as an object of desire. The importance of historical centres is rooted in the possibility of preserving and making the most of memory ? to generate feelings of identity by function and belonging ? and of this being converted into a platform of innovation for the city as a whole. Therefore it is important to have a social subject as the conscious will (planning). What is important is the construction of a single government of public character (transparent, legitimate and representative) which is capable of taking on this right. This is why all this is more a projection and object of desire than of reality.

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