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Building Shared Perspectives in Heritage Management

Katri Lisitzin, Department of Landscape Planning Ultuna SLU, Institute of Conservation Gothenbur

This paper explores the potential of new approaches which create and support commitment among different stakeholders, through building shared perspectives on heritage development. The hypothesis is that for a successful heritage management procedural issues are as important as that of which exact measures that should be implemented. The complexity of urban and territorial transformation processes, where heritage management addresses a multiplicity of actors, interests and issues, calls for a more integrated and goal-oriented approach. In Sweden heritage is considered an environmental factor and included in general resource-management policies. The case studies presented in this paper deal with how cultural values are understood and managed in processes where the focus is not primarily on heritage. They show that the identification and acceptance of significant values is a learning process where competing values have to be made visible and constructively dealt with. There are lessons to be learnt from the natural and communicative policy approaches.

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