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 City & Time > Vol. 4, No. 1 (2008) open journal systems 

Managing cultural and natural heritage resources: Part I ? From concepts to practice

H Detlef Kammeier, Professor (emeritus) of Urban and Regional Planning;

Part I of the paper is designed to provide a conceptual background to Part II which is on the practical requirements and the international experience in the broad and growing field of heritage management. The focus of the paper is on the approximately 300 ?complex sites? (among 851 World Heritage sites), i.e. primarily on living cities and cultural landscapes. All World Heritage Sites require management plans (as stipulated by international agreements defined by UNESCO and its World Heritage agencies). The principles of such plans must be understood, and they must be incorporated in the respective national and local legislation. Heritage management normally requires specific institutional and funding arrangements ? both of which depend on special efforts that are neither easy to make institutionally nor easy to sustain financially, especially not in poor countries.

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