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 City & Time > Vol. 4, No. 1 (2008) open journal systems 

Montreal?s Plateau Mont-Royal Borough: an innovative approach to conserving and enhancing an historic urban neighborhood

Isabelle Laterreur, Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Marlène Schwartz, Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Claude Laurin, Plateau Mont-Royal Borough
Susan Bronson, Plateau Mont-Royal Planning Advisory Committee

Abstract In 2004, as part of the City of Montreal?s Master Plan review, the Plateau Mont-Royal Borough organized an extensive public consultation process to stimulate a collective reflection on planning and heritage conservation issues affecting its territory and to define a vision for the protection and future development of its urban landscape. While several issues were identified as major concerns for Plateau residents, heritage conservation was one of the most important ones. Citizens were more interested in conserving the heritage character of the urban landscape of their neighborhood as a whole than in conserving a limited series of isolated monuments defined as ?heritage? by experts. This paper presents the various steps undertaken by the Borough in developing bylaws to preserve the heritage character of its urban landscape as defined by its citizens during the public consultations. It will also link this approach to various recommendations advocated by international and national charters and guidelines. We will begin with a brief history of the development of the Plateau Mont-Royal Borough, with specific reference to the urban morphology and architectural typologies that make up its urban landscape. We will then discuss the concerns raised by citizens during the public consultation, the changes to the regulatory model, the selected approach, and the resultant bylaws. We will conclude with some examples and a reflection on the relevance of the Plateau?s conservation approach to the recommendations of various charters and guidelines.

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